Trump supporter who beat police officer with US flag charged after Telegraph footage led to tip-off


A Trump supporter who is accused of beating a policeman with a US flag during the Capitol riots has been charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer after footage published by The Telegraph, above, led to an FBI tip-off. 

Peter Stager, from Arkansas, was tracked down after an acquaintance identified him in footage published by The Telegraph in which he called police officers “treasonous traitors” and claimed “death is the only remedy”.

In clips taken minutes after the alleged assault, Mr Stager went on a heated rant against police officers defending the Capitol building against the violent mob attempting to storm the building.

In a hate-filled diatribe filmed by The Telegraph, he said: “Everybody in there is a treasonous traitor. [For] every single one of those capitol law enforcement officers, death is the remedy.”

An acquaintance of Mr Stager informed the FBI after seeing his comments to The Telegraph along with earlier footage of him carrying a flag pole bearing the US flag and smashing it repeatedly over a police officer.

Exclusive: ‘Death is the remedy’ – what Capitol rioter told me minutes after attack on policeman 

The Telegraph has been able to identify the officer as Michael Fanone, a more than 18-year veteran of the DC police force who was awarded an achievement medal for his outstanding work in 2016.

Officer Fanone was admitted to hospital following the assault on January 6 but has since been released.

A DC Police official told The Telegraph that officers in the department had been deeply scarred by the day’s events. “I think many of our people are still processing what happened,” the official said.

The violent scenes that unfolded at the Capitol on January 6 shocked America and prompted one of the largest investigations ever undertaken by the FBI. Investigators are trawling through hours of footage to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

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