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If you’re seeking a new SIM-free mobile phone Cyber Monday deal to go with your existing handset, then you might as well get one that offers a free pair of Apple AirPods, right?

Mobiles dot co dot UK is offering a pay monthly Vodafone SIM card with unlimited data – including 5G if it’s available in your area – along with unlimited minutes and texts for £23 per month.

Included in the 24-month contact is a pair of Apple AirPods 2nd generation, which are currently retailing for £159.99, although some Cyber Monday sales may have them for less for the remainder of today.

Deal: Get free AirPods with unlimited data SIM-free deal for £23pm

Overall, this is a hugely tempting deal for the unlimited (potentially 5G) data, let alone the addition of the true wireless earbuds from the good folks at Apple. Although AirPods do work perfectly well with Android phones, they’ll be even better if you place that new Vodafone SIM in an iPhone. That’s due to faster pairing and the opportunity to use “Hey Siri” voice controls.

In our review of the 2nd-gen AirPods, we praised the great battery life and charging case and the fantastic fast and secure connection courtesy of the H1 chip offering instant pairing with iOS. In awarding them 4/5 stars, our own Max Parker called the update a “pleasure to use.”

He wrote: “If you’re coming to AirPods for the first time, and you’re deep inside Apple’s ever-growing ecosystem then there isn’t a better pair of wireless earphones out there – if they fit and stay in your ears, that is. The connection and setup is flawless and the battery life excellent.

“Even if you’re an Android user then the AirPods remain a good buy, even if you do miss out on that easy pairing and Siri functionality.”

Deal: Get free AirPods with unlimited data SIM-free deal for £23pm

This deal doesn’t specify whether the AirPods 2nd generation gift includes the new case, which can be charged wirelessly by Qi, but we’d assume it’s just the standard case.

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