New ransomware dangers threaten lax access controls


The recent data breach at Capcom drew attention to the potential risk of how a firm’s network is accessed and the need to shore up protections for endpoints.

The Japanese video game maker confirmed a data breach following a recent ransomware attack. The incident led to hackers accessing stolen information from approximately 350,000 customers, as well as stealing employee data like names, addresses, dates of birth, photos and corporate documents containing information on business partners, sales and development.

All of this information can lead to further security risk, reputational issues and threats to payment security.

As a result, Capcom may be facing serious financial and reputational damages, given those affiliated with the company may no longer feel like their information is safe.

Organizations must adapt to the evolving threat landscape with a more vigilant security approach to stay ahead of the attack curve. Network Access Control (NAC) solutions give organizations complete control over which network access privileges are assigned to each user or role.

NAC enables Zero Trust access controls to limit an organization’s risk when endpoints are compromised, in addition to essential features such as endpoint and user visibility and automated threat mitigation.

By implementing advanced zero trust security solutions with NAC architecture, organizations can avoid significant damages to their brand and ensure the confidence of their employees, customers, and business partners.

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