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Khaali Peeli Review : Khaali Peeli featuring Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday as  thugs, has just dropped online. Directed by Maqbool Khan, the film seems to be filled  with action, as Ishaan is seen punching and kicking his opponents as he is on the run with Ananya.

A police officer informed all the units that a boy and a girl had fled in a yellow-and-black taxi after getting into some kind of ‘lafda (trouble).’ Ishaan then introduces himself as a boy on the police radio and introduces the ‘item,’ Ananya, who ran off with him.

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They’re on the run, Ishaan says the trouble is ‘alag (next) step.’ There’s a shot of Ananya running with a bag full of money and jewels, followed by shots of both of them running from a bunch of people.

Ananya points a pistol to Ishaan at one point,asking is she mad. She replies by saying that he’s one to worry about, given that he’s on the run after a ‘half murder.’ Then he draws out his own pistol and points it to her.

Director: Maqbool Khan

Writers: Sima Agarwal, Yash Keswani, Saikumar Reddy, Rahul Sankrityan

Cast: Ananya Panday, Ishaan Khattar, Jaideep Ahlawat, Satish Kaushik, Kabir Duhan Singh, Manoj Tiwari, Suyash Tilak

In the end, Ananya asks what the action plan is, which Ishaan says there are two types of plans. One of them is the Sachin Tendulkar kind of plan, where you surprise the bowler by hitting the ball to the boundary. 

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The second plan is a kind of plan for Virender Sehwag, where you just don’t give a damn and go for it. Ananya asks if there is a third ‘Rahul Dravid style’ plan that is safe and Ishaan smiles at.

Khali Peeli becomes an instant teaser with more than 1.5 lakh dislikes in less than five hours. I can see that Ms Pandey bursts into tears while Papa Chunky consoles her with new lipstick colours.

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Multiplexes had confidence that they would accept patrons by July. Clearly, it hasn’t occurred, and with COVID continuing to skyrocket across the world, it’s extremely doubtful it filmgoers will rush to closed auditoriums and sit next to strangers any time soon.

In US, Walmart installed large screens at 160 of its parking lots around the country for 320 films from the Tribeca Film Festival. In Spain, one of the hardest hit countries in Europe, a drive-in theatre in Madrid kick-started the summer of the classic Grease videos.

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The brainchild of Richard M Hollingshead Jr, who loved cars and movies, is a real American filmmaker and has been praised in popular culture. The idea never really got off the ground in India though.

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Personally I didn’t like the Khaali Peeli movie review and I am giving you genuine opinion that don’t waste your time to watch Khaali Peeli. It’s better to you watch Discovery Channel and get some information.

I respect all actors and actress but quality matters for me and I give my best review to my viewers not give fake Khaali Peeli Review’s. So you have some good stuff rather than Khaali Peeli to watch so go for it……

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