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That’s about all you need to hear from me for today.

Congratulations India, and Ajinkya Rahane in particular. The series is better for being 1-1 with two to play.

We’ll be back to do this all again for the third Test – wherever that happens to be. The announcement has yet to be made whether we’re going back-to-back at the MCG or moving the caravan up to Sydney en route to Brisbane. There’s plenty of Big Bash to fill your cricketing cravings in the meantime, as well as the chance to digest some of Geoff Lemon’s finest.

Thanks for your company, we’ll catch you soon.

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Player of the match – Ajinkya Rahane

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India win by 8 wickets

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WICKET! Pujara c Green b Cummins 3 (India 19-2)

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WICKET! Agarwal c Paine b Starc 5 (India 16-1)

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Thanks G. Love, go enjoy some sauce on a lukewarm press box gristle party pie.

My baby got HP Sauce.

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India will need 70 to win

Australia’s lead ends up at 69 runs. Not so nice. India have turned this series around, and now only need to finish off their work. Australia could still create some nerves with two or three early wickets, but given the tailenders looked relatively comfortable batting out there, it should be fine. The roller is on the wicket, the lunch break is taken, and India’s batsmen will emerge in 40 minutes to try to level this series 1-1.

That’s the end of my time with you for this Test match. I’ll see you for the third, be it in Melbourne or Sydney or the Whitsunday Islands. For the fourth and final innings, and whatever twists it may bring, I will leave you with the lovely Jonathan Parfait Howcroft.

If you want something to keep you entertained during the break, I may be biased but I’d recommend this conversation with commentator Jim Maxwell about his life in cricket.

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WICKET! Hazlewood b Ashwin 10, Australia all out 200

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WICKET! Lyon c Pant b Siraj 3, Australia 185-9

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WICKET! Green c Jadeja b Siraj 45, Australia 177-8

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