Galaxy Note 20 In India | GO AND GRASP (Leaked By Samsung Russia)


The best price for Samsung Galaxy note 20 is expected to Rs-99,999/-.

Samsung exposes its new stunning note series which is on the internet on 2nd of July. galaxy note 20 in India may launch in the month of the august first week.

There are many concerns about galaxy note 20 but now the company confirmed its upcoming galaxy note 20 flagship phone.

So we should be excited about.

Thanks to the Samsung Russia, they uploaded the picture of galaxy note 20 ultra on there note 8 product page mistakenly.

A mistake that is good.

They posted image of note 20 ultra in mystic bronze color.

Samsung galaxy note 20 in India

Samsung galaxy note 20 is the best phone ever produced by Samsung.

galaxy note 20 ultra is coming in 3 colors mint green, purple, and mystic bronze.

The red color also may come but it may take 3-6 months after launch.

And the note 20 is coming in black, gray, silver and white.

What do we get from the leaked news? aside from confirming the design, the camera looks amazing.

Which looks as of 100X optical branding so currently we can’t assume everything.

So we will wait further till release for complete details. and details will be posted here on this website.

note 20 has a sleeker and branding free design which also dedicated a focused rectangular sensor cut-out below flash.

note 20 has 108 megapixel camera same as galaxy S20 ultra.

Performance features

This includes faster ram 12GB, superior storage, large battery capacity, and a powerful fast charging of 45W.

It will be using Qualcomm snapdragon 865 which is latest and fastest.

Operating system will be android 10.

The security system is very advance and it has next-generation Biometric security.

Manufacturing of galaxy note 20 in India

Galaxy Note 20 is expected to be cheaper as sources say and manufacturing in India may be the reason.

As most of the flagship phones started manufacturing in India a time before.

The only bad news about this is the news comes named as leaked.

If this was officially given by the then it might be great and we can also provide the complete information of the product.

So we only can wait to release and that may release in the first week of august of galaxy note 20 in India.


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